11.07.2024 - 20:00 - Abendkasse: AK: 12,- €



SOULDACITY is a Jazz, Soul, Funk, Fusion Quartet that has evolved as of late.

Our first concept was Piano, Bass, and Drums, with Darrin Lamont Byrd on Vocals.

Recently for personal reasons our Pianist-Arranger left Hamburg to live elsewhere. This has brought about a great collaboration by replacing the Piano with Guitar. This has given us a bit more of an edge while still being able to discover new nuances in our Music!

Phil Steen -Bass
Felix Dehmel- Drums
Florian Kemper – Guitar
Darrin Lamont Byrd – Vocals

Karten: www.tixforgigs.com oder im CottonClub/Abendkasse

Sitzplatz-Reservierung telefonisch unter +49 (0) 40 34 38 78, alternativ:  info@cotton-club.de